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Exchange and return has set some clauses that obligate the investigation of requests for replacement and return on the site, as it is necessary to submit a request to the management of the site and mention the reason for the request

Each user on the site has the right to request a modification to the order within 24 hours of requesting it and before it is shipped.

In the event that the administration approves the request, each user has the right to exchange within 7 days and return within 3 days.

In the event that the product was opened by the user, the site rejects the request immediately, in order to preserve the health of everyone.

In the event of damage due to poor delivery and delivery, the product is photographed clearly and sent by mail to the administration to verify this, and then another product is shipped without calculating any additional costs.

The site checks the products well before shipping them in order to ensure that they are free of any manufacturing defects. Therefore, if a product manufacturing defect is found, the customer has the right to refuse to receive it and return it again to the site.